BA (Hons) Photography graduate at Manchester Metropolitan University. Class of 2020

Extended Diploma at Chesterfield College (2015-2017) 

My practice is heavily based on the documentary aspect of life and often revolves around focusing on the mundane and banal aspects which ordinarily go unnoticed, making the normal appear abnormal.  Being from a typical working class British background, I have a huge interest in Britain as a whole, this having a huge impact within my work and my way of thinking as the projects I create revolve around British elements and Landscapes.

William Eggleston - “I am at war with the obvious,”


Vice Open Call, Photobook Cafe,  London, July 2021

Degree Show,  Online Degree Show, June 2020 (COVID-19) 

Yours and Mine, Caustic Coastal, Manchester, May 2019

Unit X, NEO, Manchester, May 2018

Final Show, Chesterfield Museum, Derbyshire, June 2017


S41 Local Magazine, Issue 22, 2021

S40 Local Magazine, Issue 119, 2021

Grass Magazine, Issue one, 2020

Isolate Magazine, Issue one,  2020

Photograd Magazine, 2020 

Twist Magazine, 2017 

S40 Local Magazine, Issue 68, 2015


Hortons Journal, Graffwerk, 2022

Hortons Journal, Klatch Streetwear, 2022

Hortons Journal, Jonjo Elliot, 2022

Hortons Journal, Evel Love home, 2022 

Collate Gallery, July 2022

Images shown at Fredaldous, Manchester City Centre, August 2021

S40 / S41 Local Magazine, July 2021

Map 6, April 2021

Nowhere Diary, April 2021

Panorama PM, November 2020

Intern Magazine, July 2020

Pupilsphere, June 2020 


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